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    D. Heywood – Biography

    D. Heywood grew up in a musical family.  His mother was a choir director and his two sisters Jennifer and Mary were singers in the choir.  D’s mother presented him with his first keyboard at the age of four.

    The youngest of three D spent most of his time practicing singing and the piano.  D grew up in the Pentecostal church (his dad, Grandfather and Uncle before him were all ministers).

    At the age of 14 D fell in love with soft elegant music and grew up listening to artists Anita Baker, Kenny G., his favorite artist Sade and of course Motown music.

    At 16 he made his first musical appearance playing the piano in his High School’s Talent show in Nashua NH., and won second place.  From this humble D started a small in-home business recording his own music with neighborhood friends at age 17.

    In the summer of 1990, D. had been accepted to the very first All-state music program also known as the SIMS program (Students International Music System) sponsored by Marcy Carcy and Tom Werner, producers of the Cosby Show.

    With over five thousand attendees in the program, celebrity colleagues often stopped by to teach and support the program.  Including Milt Hinton, James Williams, Pamela Ambush and other artists, all teachers at the Berkeley School of Music in Boston.   Of this distinguished list, Pamela Ambush (Opera singer) who worked with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, is also D’s aunt.

    At 19 D headed west to California and attended school in Oakdale  Ca. where he was invited to attend the Modesto Junior College (an all African American school).  Although appreciative D decided to return to UNH in New Hampshire.  While there he also audited classes at Plymouth State College.

    His first real appearance at age 21 was at the Nashua Public Library theater. Performing a show he had designed, written, produced and directed.  The show was a big success as 120 people filled the 80 seat theater.  The show was also taped and aired locally on Channel 9 – WMUR TV.

    In 1994 D opened for “Cool and the Gang” at the “Baby Grand” in New York city prior to stepping out and performing  locally in Nashua New Hampshire for functions such as:

    • Holiday Strolls
    • Art Festivals
    • Taste of Downtown
    • Local Marathons
    • Restaurants & Fine Dining Establishments

    Currently a resident of Manchester, NH. Smooth N Productions is still performing for the public and loving every minute of it.  D’s favorite quote

    Live – Love Hard and Focus


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